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Our Creator Program's Logo, named Creators of The Underworld
Become a Creator of the Underworld, connect with No More Rainbows developers, get paid for posting No More Rainbows content, and receive amazing in-game perks and gifts!
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home run payouts

Every creator deserves to get paid, period.

We pay 5$ per 1000 views (CPM) for long form and 0.5$ per 1000 views for short form (minimum 50$ and maximum 25,000$ per video). For example, if you submit a Youtube video that got 150,000 views, we pay you 750$USD. It’s easy and straight forward!

Creators of the underworld

Creators of the Underworld is a program for VR content creators who’d love to be Wardens of the Underworld, want to create No More Rainbows content, and get paid doing it.
Tier 1
Shadow scout
Get In-game SHADOW SCOUT title and a unique creator shoulder armor that no other player can acquire.

Access to the private No More Rainbows Creator Discord Server.

Free NMR keys and Diamond Eggs for you and your community - Amount Varies.

You’ll need to prove that you are creator with a VR audience.
Tier 2
Dread keeper
Every month, all Shadow Scouts will be invited to apply to become a DREAD KEEPER for 1 month.

Squido will select top 10 creators based on their videos, engagement with the community and more.

Selected DREAD KEEPERS will get paid 300 $USD, receive an in-game DREAD KEEPER title, the possibility of getting an in-game graffiti, and unique colorway of the creator shoulder armor.

DREAD KEEPERS will get a free merch voucher that can be redeemed at any time once merch becomes available.

Tier 3
Chaos titan
Based on their impact on the community, Squido will reach out to top creators to become a CHAOS TITAN.

CHAOS TITANS will get In-game CHAOS TITAN title, a unique colorway of the creator shoulder armor, as well as unique opportunities like:

🌼 Custom creator cosmetic sold in-game with revenue sharing!

🌼 Unique CREATOR CODE to offer discounts to your community and get additional revenue sharing.

🌼 Possible collaboration for special game modes and development.

🌼 Extra care package and increased CPM for Home Run Payouts


How can I join the Creators of Underworld?
It's quite simple! If you're making or plan to make content on Youtube or TikTok about No More Rainbows, then the Creator Program could be a good fit for you! We're looking for creators that have a passion for VR games. All you have to do is fill out the Creators of the Underworld form to be considered.
can i really get paid for all my videos?
Yep! You can get paid for all the videos you make. We only ask that videos reach 10,000 views on Youtube and 100,000 on TikTok to be paid out.

Once a video reaches this threshold, you can fill out "this" form and we'll payout the amount we owe you. Be careful though, you can only submit a video once for a payout.
Can i lose my creator status?
Yes. If you stop creating No More Rainbows content for an extended period of time, eventually you will lose your creator status and the perks that come with it. Again, you will only lose your creator status if you do not create content for an extended period of time, and we understand that sometimes, creating content isn't easy. If you can't make content for a while, that's totally understandable.
i can be in the game?!
Yes! We want to support VR creators. Depending on your tier, you can get a graffiti that represents your gamer tag or creator logo inside of No More Rainbows. We're also open to creating custom cosmetics for creators that put in a lot of effort into creating No More Rainbows content. Imagine having your very own cosmetic, and making a ton of money!
I'm not part of the program, can i still make content?
Absolutely! You're a free to make content for No More Rainbows. We only ask that you follow guidelines for the platforms where you upload. Though if you are already making No More Rainbows content, we suggest that you become an official creator, as there are no downsides for you!
how do i go from tier 1 to tier 2?
Tier 2 creators (Dread Keeper) are chosen at the end of a given month out of the tier 2 applicants and are selected to be Dread Keepers for one month. At the end of that month, progress is reset and we restart the process, this means that you can keep your tier 2 status if you keep working hard.

We'll look at your metrics and how frequently you make content about No More Rainbows. We'll consider effort, and also how engaged you are in the community. Tier 2 is for top creators but this doesn't only mean size. You could very well be a much smaller content creator in Tier 2!
how do i become a chaos titan?
Only the greatest of the greatest become Chaos Titans. You are the "Crème de la crème" chosen by the developers. Becoming a Chaos Titan means you've been support the community and making amazing content for some time.