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Our story

Squido is an innovative video game studio based in Montreal, Canada, with a passion for reimagining classic gaming experiences. Over the last decade, our close-knit team of friends has worked part-time on more than 10 web and mobile educational games, accumulating over 30 million plays worldwide.

In 2019, we began experimenting with a groundbreaking locomotion system for Virtual Reality, which allows players to walk, jump, and punch using only their arms, bringing a new level of immersion to gaming.

With the support of the Canada Media Fund in early 2021, our team has since expanded to 16 dedicated members and transitioned to full-time work on our first major title, No More Rainbows. This highly-anticipated VR game, set to release in 2023, offers an enthralling adventure with an inverted good vs. evil storyline.

Players take on the role of the beast of the underworld, exploring vibrant worlds and engaging in thrilling 3v3 online matches. Coupled with customizable characters and intuitive physics-based locomotion, No More Rainbows promises a revolutionary gaming experience for VR enthusiasts everywhere.
Decorative NPC Generator from end levels in No More Rainbows

Our values

gameplay first
It's always gameplay first at Squido, if the core gameplay or mechanics suck, we start over until we get it right.
We're as transparent as we can, especially when it comes to game features, expectations, release dates, and more. We value trust.
community oriented
We build our games alongside the community. We playtest all our features and mechanics. This helps us earn your trust and comes back to the first point as well: Gameplay first.
Innovation, break barriers
We're not building gimmicks. We're truly looking to innovate and make fun stuff no one else is doing.
driven by passion
We'll make games that we really want to play. If we don't want it ourselves, we're not going to make it. This helps make games that are actually enjoyable
All of us are trying to be the best of ourselves. Everyone one of us is empowered to make greatness and strive to make to the best possible game!
Logo of Squido Studio