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No More Rainbows brings the fun of a classic platformer to VR. Use our intuitive locomotion mechanics to run, jump, and climb using only your hands. Rampage through dozens of colorful worlds to reclaim your desecrated Underworld.

Run across several unique worlds:
Explore 4 different worlds with 28 levels full of mini-games. Rampage across green fields, through the dead of night, frozen lakes, and more!

Jump into a secrets-filled setting:
‍Discover the lore of how the world became infested with beings of infinite happiness through environmental storytelling and unforgettable boss encounters against your nemesis.

Claw your friends’ faces off or join them:
Play an exciting 3v3 multiplayer mode with or against friends and show off your skills in 12 different battle arenas. Gather accolades and collect cosmetics to stand out from the crowd!

Climb the speedrun ranks:
Become the world's best speed demon through local and worldwide leaderboards for each level.

Dress for joy-killing success:
Personalize your Beast with cosmetics and skins, with over one million possible combinations!
Bisou waving at the player from within No More Rainbows' 2nd World
An EVIL with a TWIST!
Save your home from tyranny and stop the pure incarnation of happiness from spreading joy in your kingdom in this adventure platformer!
A wide angle showcasing No More Rainbows' Ice World in World 3
large explorable worlds
Explore different areas of the underworld that haven been taken over and ravaged by your nemesis. Each world holds its own mini-games, secrets and more!
A view of the World access point through the Main Hub in No More Rainbows
play against other beasts
Beasts from other dimensions await to challenge you! Compete for the best leaderboard score in each level or go for a 3v3 head-to-head in arena-based matches to become the ultimate BEAST!

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Squido is a VR development studio from Montreal, Canada. We are driven by passion and believe in what we do. We're here to elevate VR, make amazing games and push modern hardware limits. Driven by passion, we aspire to make the VR classics of tomorrow.
Bisou, the main villain in No More Rainbows, stands tall while winking.

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