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about no more rainbows

In No More Rainbows, you are The Beast, who must spring forth into a fantastical virtual reality world to reclaim your home. Use arm-based locomotion mechanics to run, jump, claw, and climb with tight platformer mechanics. As the Warden of the Underworld, you’ve been awoken from your eternal slumber by the sound of horribly joyful melodies piercing the warm darkness.

The ashen air now reeks of tulip perfume. The once burning magma floor tiles now feel lush and fresh under your claws. Beings of infinite happiness have infested the Underworld! Bizou and their merry band of minions plan to take over your sanctuary of screams and turn it into a bountiful paradise where cries of pain and torment are replaced by kisses and rainbows...

What a nightmare!

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A view of the No More Rainbows tutorial on platformingA wide showcase of No More Rainbows' Ice World, World 3The large mystical tree that is a focal presence in No More Rainbows' World 2A view of level access in No More Rainbows from the Main HubA wide angle view of a level in No More Rainbows with several NPCs and obstaclesBisous waving at the player from within No More Rainbows' World 2