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August 3, 2023

Biggest content update for No More Rainbows has landed

AUGUST 3, 2023


Starting on August 3, content will start arriving every week. Here's some information about the new game modes and how they will arrive:


[Go Up]:

We've been thinking about incorporating this kind of mode since the development of No More Rainbows started about 3 years ago. As you may know, a certain game made this type of gameplay super popular, so we're bringing it to the Testing Zone!This type of level is procedurally generated using different assets from the No More Rainbows campaign. Because it is procedurally generated, it makes for fun, new and strange arrangements to parkour. Some areas will be difficult, and will need some thought and practice to get through.

In the Go Up mode, we've also added a 3rd person spectator view system that you can use to view how other players are doing in the challenge. You can adjust the camera and switch players to your liking.The Go Up! mode willl cycle on a weekly basis and bring new challenges now and again. So even if you complete it now, a new map will be generated the following week with a fresh new challenge.

[Co-op Worlds]:

Have you been wanting to explore No More Rainbows worlds with others? Now it's possible! While this isn't a full campaign mode, you can still explore certain worlds while they are available in the Testing Zone. This lets you show your friends secrets you've found, cool inaccessible areas that are hard to reach, or simply hang out!Different worlds will be rotated on different weeks, so while it could be any one world on a given week, there is a strong possibility it could switch to another world the week after!

[Level Races]:

Similar to worlds, you will be able to play certain levels while in the Testing Zone! Levels can be done with other players to see who is the quickest, we've added custom leaderboards that will reset every time you enter a level, so you can see who is the absolute best of each lobby!Just the same as the other events in the Testing Zone, levels will be on rotation, which means that every week new levels will replace the current ones for new challenges!The first new arena will unlock on thursday August 10 2023, and new arenas will unlock every 2 weeks.

[Underworld Combat Zone]:

The Underworld Combat Zone actually has a couple purposes! It can be used a battleground for beasts who lust for blood. In the arena lies hammers that players can use to knock other beasts into the lava. There are also berries that you can use to eliminate other beasts. This area includes a special leaderboard that counts kills!If you just want to lay back and hang out, that's okay too! If you'd like to put your parcour skills to the test, we've also added time trial rings that you can grab and place in various areas to make your very own parkour run!


[New Cosmetics]:

New cosmetics are coming to the shop, they won't all be available at the same time. We will be slowly bringing 2 new cosmetics every week, so make sure you check the store once in a while for new cosmetics that are made available.

[The Jukebox]:

Quite self explanatory, there may or may not be a new jukebox that we casually littered the testing zone areas with. Use it to play your favorite No More Rainbows tunes.

[New Languages]:

Enjoy No More Rainbows in 3 new languages: Spanish, German, Portuguese in addition to French and English.

[Minor bug fixes]:

We've also fixed some mior issues the game had that went unnoticed. If you ever find additional issues, please report them in our Discord. This is a really big update, and we hope you'll enjoy it. It is also worth noting that the game modes from the testing zone that are the most popular will get worked on to be more functional game modes in the future.

So make sure you let us know which testing zone game mode you enjoy most!


About Squido:

Squido is a video game studio based in Montreal, Canada. Over the last decade, the studio has been composed of several friends working part-time on more than 10 web and mobile educational games that were played over 30 million times by students. Its latest title, No More Rainbows, will be out soon on Quest 2 and Steam VR.

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