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August 23, 2022




Well, we bit the bullet.

Ever since we began working on No More Rainbows, we've always wanted to do Multiplayer. Every step of the way, as a team we always thought No More Rainbows would be awesome to play with or against friends.

You may or may know but No More Rainbows goes pretty far back. In 2019 the protoype we had for No More Rainbows was actually a multiplayer VR fighting game where you would try to punch your opponents off the map. That's it. That's all it was! However it was clunky and didn't work out very well, since you were moving with your arms and also had to do actions at the same time, it was complicated for newcomers. The idea was scrapped.

In early 2021 No More Rainbows became a single player experience. An adventure platformer a la Super Mario, Spyro or Crash Bandicoot but in first person VR format with a unique locomotion system. No complexities, just pure platforming fun. (We're also massive "fanboys" of Celeste and Super Meat Boy)

Then 2022 came along and so did multiplayer, we started playing around with the idea of doing levels but with other people, we went through a bunch of different ideas and then we thought "Why not bring our ideas to the beta and shape the multiplayer with the community?".

So today we're sharing the first iteration of Multiplayer.
Here's what's included in the very first iteration:

Rampage mode:

Join lobbies with 7 other friends.
Collect pinatas to increase your score.
First to 10 or most pinatas after 5 minutes wins.
Unique maps that test your parcour skills.

You can download No More Rainbows Beta today for Quest!
(Multiplayer update for Steam will come at a later date)

As a reminder the No More Rainbows Beta includes:

1. A tutorial world to get in the groove and learn a little bit about the story.

2. A glimpse of the central hub which connects all worlds together.

3. Entirety of World 1 which includes 6 unlockable levels and the boss encounter.

4. Global worldwide leaderboards if you fancy going fast and speedrunning.

5. NEW Multiplayer Rampage mode!

6. Future content updates!

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Have fun playing No More Rainbows!!