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August 23, 2022


MONTREAL – JULY 12, 2022

Umm, what just happened?!

Montreal Comiccon 2022 just happened last weekend and we expected it to be something more "relax" for us but turned out to be... Let's say very busy. Friday, the first day of Comiccon was a blast, we brought a couple headsets thinking we'd let people try No More Rainbows about 5 minutes or so at a time, and that worked out for a while.

With this method, when one of the Quest 2's battery would die, we'd just take out another one and charge the dead one. This worked out great, until we couldn't keep up with the amount of people that were lining up to try the game after passing by the nearby television showing videos of content creators who had covered the game over the last few months.

A Comiccon coordinator came over to our both and asked us if everything was alright, and all I answered is "If we had more room, we could do double VR stations"
To my surprise, the coordinator told us he'd see what he could do.

Turns out Comiccon doubled our space (Fortunately there was free space around us) and we ran double VR stations until all headsets have given up all their battery life.

Saturday, day 2 of Comiccon, we were ready. We brought 5 VR headsets. Comiccon was expecting double the attendees, what could go wrong?
The VR stations didn't stop, ever. People poured in from opening till closing. Even with short 5 minute sessions, attendees had to wait up to an hour to play No More Rainbows. I was constantly warning people of the long wait times but it didn't matter. They wanted to stay in line to play No More Rainbows.

Day 3 was just as busy as saturday, but know we knew what to expect and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the event.

We didn't expect this much excitement, at all. Everyone enjoyed playing No More Rainbows and giving their feedback.
It was an absolute blast for everyone involved and this is definitely an awesome introduction to physical events for us and it certainly seals the deal that the game should be enjoyed by anyone who owns or plans to own a VR headset.

We're all ecstatic about it, thank you so much.
Also a huge shout out to the team at Loto-Quebec for inviting us and offering us a booth at Comiccon.

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