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September 28, 2023

Official Deathmatch, Gold Cosmetics, and More - Exciting New Update Dropping Next Week!

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023

Get Ready to Jump, Slice, and Shake Things Up in No More Rainbows - Exciting Update Dropping October 5th, 2023!

Arm yourself to the teeth and plunge headfirst into the most savage multiplayer showdown in No More Rainbows! On October 5th, 2023, you'll be thrust into a world where mayhem reigns supreme, thanks to a bone-crushing update loaded with merciless features that will have you begging for more.

[Official Deathmatch Mode]:

Get ready to unleash chaos! Our upcoming update brings you the Official Deathmatch Mode - a 6-player free-for-all extravaganza across six thrilling maps. It's a no-holds-barred showdown, and only the best will survive. So, are you game?

[New Power-Ups]:

Equip the mighty Sword and stick it to your rivals for an epic one-hit KO (watch out for that sword though - it's a one-time wonder). Need a breather? Grab a Milkshake and go invincible for a bit. Feeling a bit windy? Chuck the White Berry to create crazy wind vortexes for zany map traversal or some sneaky traps. And guess what? That Berry's like the gift that keeps on giving; it regenerates from a secret spot in the map.

[New Gold Cosmetic Tier]:

Got a golden egg stash that'd make any player jealous? You're in luck! We're rolling out a dazzling Gold Cosmetic Tier with high-ticket items that'll make you the envy of the NMR world. Get ready to shine and show off your wealth in style!

[New Leaderboard with World Ranking per Game Mode]:

Want to know who's the top dog in Deathmatch or the Chicken Catch champion? Check out our brand-new Leaderboard. Track your progress separately for Deathmatch and Chicken Catch, and aim for the stars in both. Bragging rights, anyone?

[New Lobby System for Dedicated Game Modes]:

Jumping into your favourite game mode is now as easy as ever with our fresh new Lobby System. Dive into the action, meet other players, and prepare for epic adventures - it's all about fun and we’re making fun more accessible!

No More Rainbows has always been about pushing the boundaries of VR gaming, but this update? It's like adding rocket fuel to a rollercoaster. We're turning up the fun factor to eleven and inviting you to join the party.

Circle October 5th, 2023, on your calendar and buckle up for the multiplayer ride of your lives in No More Rainbows. Get ready for laughs, thrills, and a brutal good time as you dive headfirst into our Official Deathmatch. 


About Squido:

Squido is an innovative video game studio based in Montreal, Canada, with a passion for re-imagining classic gaming experiences. Over the last decade, our close-knit team of friends have worked part-time on more than 10 web and mobile educational games, accumulating over 30 million plays worldwide. Its latest title, No More Rainbows, is now available on Quest 2 and Steam VR.

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