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August 23, 2022



No More Rainbows in real life?!

In all honesty we didn't expect to have a physical booth for No More Rainbows at Montreal Comiccon or any other physical event this year. The reason behind that is that we expect to release the game sometime during Q2 2023 and we feel that it's a tiny bit early to start doing booths for the game. That and it is ludicrously expensive to do so.

For out of town events, we have to fly at least 1-2 people from the team, rent a hotel room for about a week. Then pay for the booth itself. The price for all this is usually around $10,000 CAD. This doesn't even count other expenses such as food, salaries, and booth needs like banners, flyers, stickers, etc.

So why are we attending Comiccon? Well that's a good question!

Each Montreal Comiccon, there's a section of the event reserved for indie videogames and that part of the event is hosted by Loto-Quebec. Each year they choose about 10 small studios and offer them booth space to show off their game.

That's exactly what Loto-Quebec offered us. They offered us double the usual space to show off No More Rainbows during the entire Montreal Comiccon event! Since Montreal is our hometown, this a great opportunity for us to show off No More Rainbows individuals who are still learning about VR gaming.

If you happen to drop by Montreal Comiccon, make sure to stop by Booth #6153-6155 and try No More Rainbows for free.

We'd love to get your feedback on the game in person.

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See you at Montreal Comiccon!