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August 23, 2022


MONTREAL – JULY 29, 2022

Multiplayer Update!

Hi Everyone, as part of our "promise" to keep updating the No More Rainbows beta, we're releasing a new update today that includes the following changes:

Team Rampage Mode:

3 new multiplayer maps:


You should also join our Discord, here are a few things we do there:

As a reminder the No More Rainbows Beta includes:

1. A tutorial world to get in the groove and learn a little bit about the story.

2. A glimpse of the central hub which connects all worlds together.

3. Entirety of World 1 which includes 6 unlockable levels and the boss encounter.

4. Global worldwide leaderboards if you fancy going fast and speedrunning.

5. NEW Multiplayer Rampage mode!

6. Future content updates!

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Have fun playing No More Rainbows!!